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The combined service for the flooring system. Pro Clean Service is the end-of-installation assistance and cleaning service provided by Atlas Concorde and FILA.

Properly cleaning the floor immediately after the ceramic has been laid is essential to the long-life good looks and performance of the tiles themselves. Everyday maintenance is much easier once all residual cement, adhesive, mortar, grouting and other dirt have been completely removed. PRO CLEAN SERVICE meets this need, with a partnership between Atlas Concorde and Fila aimed at ensuring the client gets the best value from his newly installed floor.


The service, ideal for interiors and outdoors installations larger than 500 m2, is intended for designers, contractors and resellers, and is available in 17 countries worldwide: Austria, Canada, Czech republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, UK, the Arab Emirates and the USA.

FILA & Atlas - Pro Clean Service




To guarantee its clients' investment and exclude any claims in advance, Atlas Concorde has chosen to entrust the cleaning of its floors to FILA, whose wide range of special detergents and highly qualified technical staff has enabled us to develop and implement a fully professional floor cleaning service. From laboratory testing of the material itself to on-site inspections, from cleaning trials on mockups to the use of specialised machinery, FILA is able to assure highly specialised service, even at night and during holidays.


For further information and to apply for the service, visit the Atlas Concorde PRO CLEAN SERVICE website


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