Laboratory and Reserch


Research. Quality is our vocation.

Fila has always believed in research and this is why over 10% of our annual turnover is invested in R&D. Our company is convinced that innovation is fundamental for staying on the cutting edge and delivering clients the best, most effective solutions that fully respect the environment.



Our R&D laboratory uses modern instrumentation to constantly:

• Experiment new solutions and products,

• Quality Control Testing in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certifications,

• Analyse, select and acquire the best raw materials,

• Update on new materials on markets around the world,

Collaborate with the most important research bodies, such as the Institute of Inorganic and Surface Chemistry (Istituto di Chimica Inorganica e delle Superfici) of the Italian National Research Council (ICIS-CNR) (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) in Padua



Fila products are certified by the international institutes like the International Ceramics Centre (Centro Ceramico Internazionale), Chelab laboratories and Label Vert Excell. Certifications in use for our products include:


    Suitability for contact with foodstuffs;

    Frost resistance;

    Suitability for use in the wine industry;

    LEED certification, in other words the Green Building Rating System.


According to the regulation of the consumer product safety commission, and in particular reference to the Poison Prevention Packaging Standards 16 CFR Part 1700.15, you will find here the General Conformity Certification of our products.

laboratorio piastrella  


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