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Stain protector for grouting

what's it for

  • Prevents stain absorption.
  • Make dirt removal easier.
  • Ideal for mosaics.
  • Keeps tile joints looking new for years.


  • Does not affect grout colour.
  • Double action: protects grout and makes cleaning easier.
  • Odourless.
  • Dries very quickly.
  • Water-based product, more environmentally-friendly.
  • This product has extremely low emissions of VOC: certified by GEV and marked EC1plus.

ideal for

  • Concrete Grout Joints


  • Certified GEV-EMICODE®

    This product has extremely low VOC emissions: certified GEV-EMICODE® - EC1Plus

Method of use

No dilution required: ready to use.

1. Pour the product into a suitable container and apply it uniformly over the grout joints using a small brush.2. Remove any excess product from the tiles using blotting paper or a clean cloth.3. Leave to dry. After one hour, the surface will be ready to walk on.The product may be poured into a suitable container and applied directly to the tiles with a paintbrush.Any smudges of the product onto nearby tiles should be removed immediately using a paper towel or a clean cloth.For protecting mosaics with small-size tiles, it is advisable to apply the product over the entire surface and remove any excess product from the tiles subsequently, using a paper towel or dry cloth.


With one litre:
  • 100 m2 and grout joints with 10x10 tiles and 0.5 cm grouting750 m2 and grout joints with 30x30 tiles and 0.2 cm grouting


before and after

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