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what it's for

  • Highly concentrated formula, can be used diluted and undiluted.
  • Diluted: cleans and degreases porcelain tile, ceramic tile, natural stone, concrete and terracotta.
  • Undiluted: removes ground-in dirt from porcelain tile.
  • Effective on all natural stone.
  • Ideal for the everyday maintenance of concrete.
  • Stripper for water-based sealers and polishing waxes.


  • 3-in-1 solution: stain remover, cleaner and stripper.
  • Removes stains from porcelain tile.
  • Does not damage delicate surfaces.
  • Easy and safe to use.
  • Biodegradable.

ideal for

  • Porcelain And Ceramic Tile, All Natural Stone Quarry Tile, Concrete , Terracotta

before and after

video tutorials

How to use it

To clean porcelain tile: Dilute 1:10 (1QT in 2.5 GAL of water) for regular cleaning.

For heavy dirt build up, dilute 1:5 (1QT in 5 QT of water).
Scrub vigorously with an abrasive pad and rinse thoroughly.To remove stubborn stains on porcelain tile:Pour PS87 undiluted directly on the stain.Allow it to completely dry (20-60 minutes), then scrub vigorously with an abrasive pad.Rinse thoroughly.To clean unpolished natural stone:Dilute 1:10 when used on matte, honed, and natural finish stone.

Please note

Do not use on wood or acrylic tubs.


(1 GAL - 3.78 L)
  • Porcelain › Dilution 1:51,292 sq.ft. (120 m2)
  • Maintenance › Dilution 1:208,150 sq.ft. (757 m2)
  • Wax stripper › Dilution 1:5815 sq.ft. (76 m2)
  • Post-installation cleaning of unpolished stone › Dilution 1:51,225 sq.ft. (114 m2)

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