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Concentrated All Surface Cleaner



Concentrated All Surface Cleaner

what it's for

  • Gently cleans all wall and floor coverings.
  • Safe for pretreated and delicate surfaces.
  • Essential in post-installation cleaning of acid sensitive materials such as marble, limestone and travertine.


  • Does not damage delicate surfaces.
  • Ideal for maintaining waxed and laminated surfaces.
  • Highly concentrated – can be diluted according to use.
  • When diluted 1:200, it does not leave a residue, does not require rinsing and can be used in floor cleaning machines.
  • Pleasantly scented.
  • Biodegradable.

ideal for

  • All Natural Stone, Tile, Wood And Household Surfaces

before and after

How to use it

FILACLEANER is a pH neutral, highly concentrated cleaner that can be used on all surfaces and does not harm even the most delicate wall and floor coverings. FILACLEANER has various uses according to dilution and material type.

As a maintenance cleaner for all floor types:
Dilute 1:200 (one capful of FILACLEANER per gallon of water) for a no-rinse application.Can be used directly in the water tank of a floor cleaning machine when diluted 1:200.For stubborn dirt:Dilute 1:30 (1-2 cups of FILACLEANER per gallon of water) scrub and rinse.For the initial post-installation clean of all stone surfaces:Dilute FILACLEANER 1:30 and apply to the floor and scrub with a brush, or floor scrubber and soft pad.Remove the residue with a mop or wet vac and rinse thoroughly.

Please note

Do not use FILACLEANER on carpet or waxed wood floors.


(1 GAL - 3.78 L)
  • Maintenance cleaning ›Dilution 1:200
  • › 61,115 sq.ft. (5,678 m2)Post-installation cleaning of stone ›
  • Dilution 1:30› 2,040 sq.ft. (198 m2)

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