Capeb presents Instant Remover to the Journées Professionnelles de la Construction
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Capeb presents Instant Remover to the Journées Professionnelles de la Construction


Organised by CAPEB (Conféderation de l'Artisanat et des Petites Entreprises du Bâtiment), the “Journées Professionnelles de la Construction” was held from 10 to 12 April at the PALAIS DES CONGRES at Nice. CAPEB represents 416,622 craft businesses and 98% of construction companies and has been acting on their behalf to protect their interests and promote their activities since 1946.
CAPEB entered into a fruitful cooperation with FILA some months back and, after having tested its products, it actively encouraged FILA to take part in the aforementioned event.

In a first speech, Maurizio Preziosi, Manager in charge of Technical Support and Training at Fila France, illustrated the new DTU 52.1.1 regulations on cleaning after grouting, under review by the mandated technical committee which FILA sits on.

In a second speech, CAPEB asked FILA to present the new trailblazing product dedicated to installation professionals: Instant Remover, an instant remover for fresh concrete grouting, tested and recommended directly by CAPEB’s National Technical Manager Thierry Toffoli.

“It has been an honour to see how much space CAPEB gave FILA during the “Journées Professionnelles de la Construction,” observed Maurizio Preziosi, “because it is a tangible sign of the repute our company enjoys as an authoritative expert, working relentlessly alongside industry professionals. FILA: TOUJOURS PLUS PRO DES PRO”