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FILAMARBLE AID, the innovative acid and stain-resistant treatment for marble shines at Coverings 2018
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FILAMARBLE AID, the innovative acid and stain-resistant treatment for marble shines at Coverings 2018


FILAMARBLE AID protects acid sensitive stone, travertine, limestone and marble against acid attack, alkaline cleaners and stains.

The treatment delays the reaction of acids found in food, drinks, cosmetics and household cleaners, perfect for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities. 


FILAMARBLE AID buys you the time you need to clean up after spills, avoiding unsightly discoloration and etching that can happen when common acids come in contact with acid sensitive stone.


FILAMARBLE AID’s Unique Micro-Coating Technology:

  • Certified safe in food preparation areas
  • Does not alter the stone; leaves the original surface intact
  • Thermal shock resistant
  • Does not yellow
  • UV resistant
  • Provides excellent clarity, transparency and enhances the stone’s natural gloss level
  • Water based with low VOC emissions
  • Polished surface finish
  • Forms a barrier against stains
  • Can be applied on: matte and polished surfaces, new and already installed countertops and vanities
  • Perfect for indoor surfaces
One bottle covers up to 80 square feet

ACID RESISTANT SEALER: (6.76 OZ) - 200 ml bottle - ACTIVATOR: (1.12 OZ) 33 ml bottle

The product is available to order by contacting your FILA sales representative for the relevant market. 



Pour the whole contents of the ACTIVATOR bottle into the ACID PROTECTOR bottle, shake and then wait a few minutes; repeat the operation after waiting for 2-3 minutes. On a clean, dry surface, spread a thin and even layer of the product with a clean, short-haired fleece (we recommend a mohair fleece).

For highly-absorbent surfaces, apply a coat of FILAMP90 ECO PLUS before treating with FILAMARBLE AID.

When the film is damaged, you can restore the acid protection treatment after simply removing the coating with the gel water-based cleaner FILANOPAINT STAR.