Natural Stones

Treatment of natural stones depends on the different characteristics of the materials in question, such as their porosity, finish, resistance to acid-based products, etc.

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Natural stone - Matt or rough finish

(low absorbency such as: Porphyry, Basaltine, Trachyte, Granite)

Technical characteristics of the material:
these kinds of stone are volcanic in origin and are mainly made up of mixed silica crystals with a compact crystal structure. Very resistant and with low absorbency, they are generally used for courtyards, pavements, floors and exterior surfaces. For these kinds of stone we recommend using solvent-based products, which give better longer-lasting results.

Natural Stone High Absorbency - Matt or rough finish

(highly absorbent such as: Vicenza stone, Lecce stone, Pietra Serena, Split-finish Quartzite)

Technical characteristics of the material: 
these are sedimentary stones made up of clayey-organogene or metamorphic-origin sediments mainly comprising quartz.They are used not only for wall coverings, but also for the most varied of finishing details, like columns, capitals, steps, floor sills, fireplaces, floors, etc.Unlike porphyry and granite, these stones are highly absorbent and tend to stain easily. We therefore recommend protection with water-based products.For interior floors it is also a good idea to complete treatment with a finishing wax, which reduces the absorption of dirt and makes ordinary maintenance easier. 

Natural stone – Cobblestones, tumbled or sandblasted marble

Technical characteristics of the material:
stone of various origins with rough finishes used mainly for wall coverings, exterior paving and for inlay patterns. Solvent-based products are recommended for these kinds of material.

Natural stone Polished, brushed or glossy finish

(like marble, travertine, granite)

Technical characteristics of the material:
stones of various origins (volcanic, sedimentary and metamorphic) with a hard compact crystal structure. This kind of finish is widely used in modern building, above all for floors and wall coverings, but also for furnishing accessories, such as hob tops and tables, etc. To protect these very low absorbency materials from stains, we recommend using solvent-based products. 


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