For us, environmental respect is a tangible undertaking that involves all our company sectors: 

  • development of VOC-FREE products (Volatile Organic compounds); 
  • eco-friendly packaging
  • photovoltaic panels that cover all our company’s energy needs; 
  • waste recycling controlled by specialist centres; 
  • concentrated products with high coverage. 

These are just some real examples of our green philosophy turned into action.

Fila Green Action is the big ecological project and tangible proof of our company’s moral and legal commitment to respect for the environment. It is a series of “green actions” that involve all the sectors: from production of solutions to use of our products through to their disposal. 


One of these is the Fila Green Line range, products with low environmental impact that follow our  “10 green rules”:

  1. High biodegradability.
  2. Compliance with VOC regulations: Green Line products have low emissions of volatile hydrocarbons, the main cause of global warming. And some products are totally VOC free.
  3. Products free from solvents that attack the ozone.
  4. Products not classified as toxic, flammable or toxic for man and the environment.
  5. High concentration: the products therefore give better coverage and as a consequence create less waste in the environment and require less packaging.
  6. pH between 3 and 12: Fila products do not harm surfaces, while still giving high results.
  7. Products without formaldehyde or hypochlorites, toxic or carcinogenic substances, often present in chemicals used for cleaning and protecting surfaces.
  8. Non-metallised waxes: the presence of metals in substances is highly polluting for water.
  9. The choice of water-soluble solvents, excludes those most toxic for the user and polluting for waters (carbitols and cellosolves).
  10. Elimination of phthalates as plasticisers in all wax formulas. Responsible for reproduction problems in animals and humans.


GREENBUILDINGEC1plusIn line with these strategic choices in terms of environmental sustainability, since 2009 we have been a member of the GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL ITALIA, a non-profit association that supports the spreading of LEED certification, the international rating system for the development of green buildings.
There are already ten or so products in the FILA GREEN LINE that has VOC emission values close to zero and  that help toward achieving LEED certification and come within the parameter “low emitting materials—paints and coatings” (EQ 4.1 and 4.2 credit), with the objective of reducing contaminants in the air inside the building.
Some products in the Green Line also have GEV EMICODE EC1 PLUS certification, the highest EMICODE certification class that identifies products “with very low VOC emissions”: products that do not release harmful substances indoors and give the best protection for health and the highest environmental compatibility.


Our Vision is to represent excellence on an international level in solutions for enhancing and prolonging the life of floors and wall coverings. 


In order to achieve this goal, we believe it is essential to always maintain extremely high standards of quality, not only for our products, but also for our company processes and systems. This why we have had UNI EN ISO 9001 certification since 1999, proof that our quality management system has been recognised as compliant with a standard of excellence.

Read about our quality objectives here.

In 2014, we also received ISO 14001 environmental certification. This is yet another piece in the puzzle that proves our tangible commitment to respect for the environment. This certification is not mandatory; it is the outcome of a voluntary choice to certify the management system of our corporate activity.
To date, ISO 14001 certification is held to be the international benchmark for those companies that undertake to preserve the environment, developing systems for managing and organising work that are aware of green policies.  

Read about our objectives for the Environment here