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This is why for years Fila has supported various charity projects, also involving our collaborators.


Watchword: prevention. For "pink quotas" and not. The collaboration between FILA and the Veronesi Foundation was born from this principle, renamed "Project Care4You" which in 2023 saw the involvement of 96 employees for a total of 24 hours of appointments divided into 2 days. These are the numbers of the prevention days on 8 and 9 March 2023 at FILA's headquarters in San Martino di Lupari (PD).
The Veronesi Foundation was established in 2003 on the initiative of Umberto Veronesi and many other internationally renowned scientists and intellectuals, including 11 Nobel Prize winners, with the aim of promoting scientific research of excellence and projects for prevention, health education and the dissemination of science.
Precisely in order to inform and make all its collaborators aware of the importance of health, FILA hosted a mobile clinic of the Veronesi Foundation for two days, where collaborators had free access to breast ultrasound and mammography and ECG (electrocardiogram).

Alessandra Pettenon, CEO of FILA: "Our employees have always been a precious and fundamental asset for our company. This is why we are very pleased with this new collaboration with a well-known and esteemed organisation such as the Veronesi Foundation. We are certain that this is only the first of a series of future initiatives linked to welfare and prevention".


FILA adheres to the water equality project of WAMI, a B-corp that aims to make companies and people water equal by bringing the equivalent of the water they use to communities that do not have access to this resource.
A partnership that began in September 2022, during the trade fairs in which FILA participated, with a focus on sustainability. For each visitor, 250 litres of water were donated to the WAMI water project in Betoho, southern Madagascar, a country where around 40% of the population has no access to drinking water sources. The collaboration then continued with an ongoing purchase of glass water to offer guests, thus helping to offset their water footprint.
The project contributes to achieving some key SDGs of the UN 2030 Agenda: making drinking water accessible to all brings better hygienic conditions, and is a step towards improving gender equality and quality education, enabling girls to go to school and women to train professionally. Finally, it is crucial in the fight against climate change, because direct access to water reduces CO2 emissions.


Since the beginning of 2023, we have decided to become a 'solidarity office' by ordering our stationery through Gruppo Polis. Thanks to the collaboration between Gruppo Polis and Proced a portion of what we spend on stationery goes to support the MyAbility project, an innovative service of Gruppo Polis for the employment integration of people with disabilities. 
The Polis Group is a group of social cooperatives operating in the Padua area that since 1985 has been involved in personal services in various areas of social hardship, productive activities for work integration and inclusion, business services, and combating gender-based violence.
MyAbility is a work assessment and orientation project that offers people the chance to test themselves with activities related to organic farming, or with inclusion in external employment activities for training purposes. The aim of the project is to train and develop those skills that enable people with a disadvantaged condition to prepare for the world of work, enabling them to grow, mature and build their own life project.


What do surface care and a passion for basketball have in common? Attention to the wellbeing of people. Just as at FILA we take care of the home environment to make it clean, healthy and wholesome, so we support basketball as an activity that improves the quality of life of the person. Moreover, that between FILA and basketball is a bond that has lasted for over forty years: it was 1985 when our president Beniamino Pettenon began sponsoring the ASD San Martino women's basketball team, to contribute to the growth of the local sports association. From 2001 to 2023 we were the Lupe's main sponsor, accompanying the yellow-and-white team to the climb from Serie B to the top national series, the A1 reached ten years ago and which saw the Lupe as many as seven times in the final phase of the playoffs.

From the 2023/204 season, besides remaining a partner of the club as jersey sponsor, we have also become the main sponsor of the Minibasket sector.

It is a very heartfelt bond, as is also testified by the words of Alessandra Pettenon, CEO of FILA: "We are very close to the women's basketball of San Martino di Lupari, with whom we have had a wonderful collaboration over the years. This year we decided to get closer to the minibasket because we know how important sport is for the development of children, who are our future. Sport conceived in a healthy way has the ability to teach us and make us learn useful conduct for personal growth, and with Lupe Basket we share the value of this to grow in young people the importance of respect, collaboration, results and integration, fundamental values for the future".

Follow the adventures of the Lupe


FILA supports the socially useful NPO “Amami per il Dopo di Noi Marcello Brunati Onlus”. AMAMI is an association operating in San Martino di Lupari that aims to guarantee assistance, education, schooling, recreational and rehabilitation projects for disabled people living in the territory.
After 30 years, the association has finally seen its life-long dream come true with the construction of Casa Amami, a care facility that will improve the prospects for disabled people. It is a tangibly reply to the question, “Who’ll take care of our son/daughter once we’re no longer here?”, that families ask themselves with regard to their children, who face an uncertain future. The “Dopo di Noi” (After Us) association seeks to address the difficulties that families of the disadvantaged have to overcome, as they are no longer able to take care of their sons/daughters due to old age or possible death.
To guarantee a future for these youths, the Amami association has developed a project consisting in a residential care facility for people with disabilities in the territory, where they can live assisted by qualified personnel.
FILA supports the association in building this facility, which will be able to help lots of youths and their families.


For over 15 years, we have also helped Sister Guerrina in various missionary projects, first in Syria and today in Congo, where we are contributing to construction of a nursery school, a well for water and funding child education.

Sister Guerrina came several times to visit us at FILA headquarters, bringing with her stories of the difficult situation in Brazzaville and the activity that she constantly and courageously leads for the social and cultural development of the town through education of its children. 

We are pleased to quote her words for you, which reflect a mindset shared by our company:

"It is important to let youngsters rediscover their origins, they must learn to know and love their homeland and its resources in order for them to become aware adults who play a leading role in sustainable development".


All these actions shape our identity and therefore are a part of our way of interpreting business development. The responsibility at the base of these choice in fact is for us an opportunity to positively react to market stimuli, not only in terms of profit, but also through behaviour that make our values real, allowing us to look at the world through more attentive eyes and build true, long-lasting relations with our audiences.

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