Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles

Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are incredibly popular in domestic settings, as they create a great aesthetic and are very easy to maintain.  Both materials are also very durable and particularly resistant to stains and chemicals, so they’re often used in high traffic commerical applications, including restaurants, airports, schools, hospitals and shopping centres.

Whilst durablity, versatility and affordability have fuelled their popularity in the contract sector, new finishing techniques require special attention, particularly in terms of the initial clean after installation.  A poor initial clean or ‘builders clean’ and subsequent accumulation of dirt can create maintenance issues. 


Cleaning porcelain tiles

One of the most common problems relating to new porcelain floor tiles is the appearance of spots and stains.  Sometimes, footprints can also be seen and are incredibly hard to remove. To avoid this, a thorough clean after installation is essential. 

In our blog, we discuss the maintenance of porcelain tiles. Here, you’ll find a definitive guide and lots of helpful advice on how to:


Cleaning ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are non-absorbent and are often used in bathrooms and kitchens. Although they’re resistant to water and many staining agents, rings and marks can still appear. This is why it’s essential to use the right products for cleaning! 

In these blog articles, we’ve discussed various issues, including: 

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