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FILA’S Green Road

FILA’s commitment towards environmental sustainability in exemplified through a long-term plan that foresees the company and its collaborators engaged daily in reaching objectives with high environmental and social value.


The Solutions

Goethe said, “To think is easy. To act is difficult. But the hardest thing in the world is to act in accordance with your thinking.” FILA solutions are the realisation of this intertwinement of thought and action. To understand why, let’s look at the characteristics of FILA products:
  • Concentrated product formulas designed to reduce water and optimise packaging;
  • Formulas without solvents which damage the ozone layer;
  • Products without formaldehyde and substances that are toxic for people and the environment;
  • 80% of the total production of FILA products is water based;
  • 50% of FILA products have low VOC emissions.

Plant Based Products

Plant based products deserve special attention. Beginning with the research and development stage of new formulas, FILA is focused on integrating plant based raw materials derived from renewable sources, such as essential oils with functional properties (tea tree oil), vegetable oleins and plant-based polymer resins. The use of these raw materials leads to the realisation of products which are increasingly safer for the user and the ecosystem, hence products that are not classified as toxic, flammable or harmful for people or the environment.


Packaging and Concentrated Product Formulas

Aiming to reduce the use of packaging and maximise the coverage of each product, FILA has always created highly concentrated products ¬– a small amount cleans and protects large surface areas. Furthermore, the use of packaging from recycled materials which can then, in turn, be recycled, is one of FILA’s objectives for the future. 

Production Structure.Where are FILA solutions born?

Each research, testing and production phase of FILA products takes place at the FILA headquarters in San Martino di Lupari (Padua, Italy), where the installation of photovoltaic panels has allowed not only energy autonomy, but also carbon dioxide reduction of 43,314 kg/year. And that’s not all. We know that water is the most precious resource, and its consumption must be sustainable and conscientious. That’s why FILA follows strict protocols for the treatment and recycling of rainwater. This commitment has led to a 15.93% reduction of rinse water per year, a truly extraordinary result considering that the handling of natural resources is a key marker in future production management.

When effort is recognised  

When concrete actions bring value to a company, the effort behind those actions is recognised, certified, and even prised. Let’s take a look at FILA’s most important sustainability stages, which we like to call our “Green Road Milestones”.
  • FILA has been a member of the GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL ITALIA since 2009, a non-profit organisation that supports the spreading of LEED certification, an international rating system for the development of eco-sustainable buildings. FILA products which contribute towards LEED credits are available on the Ongreening website.
  • In 2014 we received the ISO 14001 environmental certification, which certifies the company’s environmental management systems. 
  • FILA sealers are classified as certified with the Indoor Air Comfort Gold certification by Eurofins
  • FILA became a proud signatory of Amazon’s The Climate Pledge in 2021, committing to being net zero carbon by 2040. 
  • Also in 2021, FILA was awarded the silver medal from EcoVadis: a universal company sustainability ratings provider.
  • Forbes’s 2021 Sustainability Award is yet another testament to the value of FILA’s concrete commitment to the environment. The award recognises FILA as one of the 100 most sustainable companies in Italy.

Human Capital

These achievements would be impossible without FILA’s human capital. The recent implementation of production control systems with Industry 4.0 technologies and the adoption of high standards of quality control and safety in different company departments have allowed us to manage the resources and waste of the company. In particular, a careful awareness towards recycling promoted both by employees and clients, as well as the disposal of production waste at specialised centres, have allowed us to further reduce the environmental impact of FILA’s production activities. 
In 2021, we also launched the We Care campaign, of which is important to highlight the “Prevention is Life” event, where FILA was the main sponsor. An entire day was dedicated to breast cancer prevention, giving all FILA women the opportunity to receive breast mammograms and ultrasounds. 
Surfaces, the environment, people: we are all part of a single entity that must be cared for, preserved, and used with
intelligence and sustainability. FILA is proud to forge this commitment now, in an effort to create an even brighter future.

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