What to do if

Washing after laying
Washing natural stone
There are residues of concrete and plaster from laying left on the surface

Initial washing is fundamental for removing laying residues and building site dirt and it also prepares the material for subsequent protective treatment.The choice of detergent to use must take into consideration the material and its finish.DETERDEK acid detergent can be used on acid-resistant unpolished stone.For sensitive materials, like marble, travertine and polished agglomerates, it is better to use FILACLEANER neutral detergent.


Stain protection/water repellent treatment
Protect kitchen
I would like to protect my new kitchen worktop from stains

You can use a water/oil-repellent protector to stop marble or granite worktops absorbing stains.We recommend FILAMP90 for smooth polished surfaces.This treatment is suitable for contact with foodstuffs.We recommend periodic use of FORMULA MARMO polish, which simultaneously cleans and shines surfaces.

Protect sills
I would like to protect my windowsills from dirt and bad weather

A water-repellent product like FILAHP98 (water-based) or HYDROREP (solvent-based) can be used to make unpolished stone windowsills waterproof.For polished marble we recommend the use of FILAMP90.The products must be used on perfectly clean dry surfaces.

Protect external stone
I would like to protect my external stone facing from dirt, mould and bad weather.

A water-repellent product like HYDROREP can be used to waterproof external natural or manufactured stone facing.FILAHP98 water-based water-proofing product can be used as an alternative for natural stone with medium to high absorbency.This protective treatment stops the absorption of water, thus preventing the formation of mould and moss.The products must be used on perfectly clean dry surfaces.

Protect internal part
The internal part in split-finish stone tends to give off dust. How can I protect it?

To prevent the wall giving off dust, a natural-effect wax like FILAMATT can be used, applying two coats directly with a paintbrush.

Extraordinary maintenance
Maintenance marble
My polished marble floor has lost its original sheen

It is time to start maintenance with FILACLASSIC wax, either pure or diluted in water, depending on how worn the original floor/treatment is. Polish at the end with a machine polisher or wool cloth. In addition to waxing with classic marble wax, shine can be restored using the crystalisation method with FILAKRISTALL. Spread the product all over the surface. Once dry, it can be polished with a singlebrush machine or machine polisher fitted with special wire wool discs.

Mildew and moss have formed on outdoor- laid natural stone
Moss has grown on natural stone outside

Spray FILANOALGAE directly on the surface. The product will start to work immediately, removing the moss. After a few days you can wash it with a high pressure water jet cleaner or leave for the rain to wash away. To stop the green returning, the stone can be waterproofed with HYDROREP or FILAHP98 (apply to clean dry surface).

Layers of maintenance wax have built up on the floor
Layers of maintenance wax have built up on the floor

The use of metallic film-forming waxes for maintaining marble and stone may create a “glassy” layer that flakes off when you walk on it. Similar situations call for a wax-removing wash with FILAPS87, then rinse with clean water. Apply a finishing wax of your choice to the floor once dry and clean.

Marble Top
My marble top has become dull due to limescale

Limescale residues are generally removed with slightly acidic products. These however are not recommended in the case of polished marble as even weak acids attack stone and remove its sheen. For cleaning tops dulled by the limescale found in water, we recommend the use of a polish like FORMULA MARMO. Apply the product with a soft cloth, polishing it and rubbing until completely dry. It cleans, polishes and protects the material, slowing down its tendency to get dirty and making cleaning easy.

Windowsills have been dulled by the weather

To restore we recommend the FILAMARBLE RESTORER kit. In just a few simple steps it removes stains and restores sheen. Periodically use the FORMULA MARMO polish that comes with the kit for maintenance.

Stain removal
Acid substances
Acid substances have been spilt on polished marble: vinegar, lemon, Coca Cola, wine, antilimescale…

Many food products (vinegar, lemon, Coca Cola, wine…) are slightly acidic and attack the sheen of marble, leaving a dull stain. Anti-limescale products further attack the surface to leave rough white marks. To restore we recommend using the FILAMARBLE RESTORER kit. In just a few simple steps it removes stains and restores sheen.

Candle on the floor
Some candle wax has dripped on the floor.

The wax can be removed with undiluted FILASOLV, rubbing with a green abrasive sponge and removing residues with kitchen paper.We recommend reapplying wax protection treatment on interior floors after cleaning.

White marks on a floor
There are white marks on a floor caused by traffic

This is a sign of bad maintenance or a wax that is too soft.FILACLASSIC is the specific wax for polished marble. It is important not to use too much wax and to dilute it appropriately in water according to how worn the floor is.If the white marks are due to too much wax, we recommend not applying FILACLASSIC, instead washing the floor with diluted FILACLEANER, polishing to complete.

Rust on natural stone
There are rust or sulphate marks on natural stone outside


Wet the areas to be cleaned with water, then use DETERDEK and rub with a green abrasive sponge. Rinse thoroughly. Do not use on marble or calcareous stone with fine polished finish.

Resin has droppen on natural stone
Resin has dropped on natural stone


Wet the areas to be cleaned with water, wash with FILASOLV (undiluted) or FILAPS87 (diluted approximately 1:3), rubbing hard with a green abrasive sponge. Rinse thoroughly. For interior floors, we recommend restoring protection treatment after cleaning.




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