Surfaces Treatments

FILA has learnt all the secrets of terracotta, stone, wood and porcelain stoneware.

Select the material you want to treat and follow the instructions given in the treatment guides. Your surface will be clean and protected in a few easy steps.



• Read carefully all instructions on labels before applying the products.


• Coverages are indicative, may vary depending on absorption of the materials, on - treatment stage (washing after laying or restoring) and refer to one coat.


• Do not apply FilaJet protector and finishing products like wax in damp rooms and where there is stagnant water (bathrooms and showers).


• The treatment cycle is complete when the surface can be walked on. Warning: this means that the surface can be walked on with care. You must wait at least 24 hours for optimum protection.


• Maintenance treatments given here have been elaborated to restore previous treatments using Fila products. When the original treatment is unknown, we recommend consulting a Fila expert.


• Before application, always read the instructions on the product label carefully.   

• This information is the fruit of our most recent technical knowledge and backed by continuous research and laboratory testing. However, due to factors outside our control, the suggestions given must always be checked and tried out by the user. Fila assumes no responsibility for incorrect use of its products.   


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