San Severo Chapel


A jewel of international artistic heritage, the Chapel of San Severo was built in sixteenth century Naples. Baroque creativity and dynastic pride, beauty and mystery come together here to create a unique atmosphere which recalls another period in history. Home to masterpieces such as the famous Veiled Christ, wonders of virtuoso skills like the Release from Deception and enigmatic presences like the Anatomical Machines, the chapel of San Severo represents one of the most unusual monuments ever conceived by human genius. Master Treatment Specialist Vincenzo Casolaro brought back to life the 250 m² of flooring in late eighteenth century terracotta, extremely dirty due to continuous visitor traffic. The floors also had a Greek fret trim in glazed terracotta that was worn and flaking in sections, which called for delicate, hand applied treatment. It took Vincenzo four nights and one day to complete the job and restore the surface, a task made particularly meticulous by its delicateness and prestige. But with much care and plenty of elbow grease, the chapel of San Severo now shines in its original beauty. Initial cleaning with FILAPS87 Heavy Duty Cleaner was followed by a second washing with FILADEK, used to remove the residual dirt. FILAES82 sealer followed, and the floor was then finished with a coat of tan color paste waxes: FilaMATT Matte Finish Protective Wax and FILANATUREWAX.