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FILA quality and environmental policy

FILA has always strived to represent an international standard of excellence in solutions for enhancing and extending the life of floors and surfaces in natural stone, porcelain and ceramic tile, terracotta and wood.
To achieve this objective, FILA believes it is fundamentally important to ensure a constant commitment to ethically sustainable development.
FILA intends to make significant investments and corporate decisions based on the company’s founding values, simultaneously pursuing the company’s objectives, which can be divided into three areas:

  • PEOPLE: objectives that pursue social equality, the wellbeing of workers and respect for human rights, ensuring correctness, transparency and legality in relations with other parties;
  • PLANET: objectives that guarantee respect for the environment and environmental legislation;
  • PROFIT: objectives that strive toward economic prosperity, technological innovation in production processes and product quality.

FILA’s dedication is evident in the improvement of its Quality and Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:15 and ISO 14001:15 standards.



FILA pursues socially correct and responsible behavior: it is committed to not using or supporting child and forced labor and will not discriminate or subject its employees and collaborators to corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion or verbal abuse.
The management is devoted to improving its relationships with its employees by:

  • Making the company policy and social commitment publicly accessible to interested parties.
  • Employing resources based on their attitude and working abilities to avoid any kind of discrimination.
  • Guaranteeing equal opportunities, regardless of legal obligations, race, political and religious beliefs and sexual orientation.
  • Ensuring employees are provided with a safe working environment.
  • Providing employees with flexible working hours.
  • Ensuring that all workers are free to associate with whom they wish and to express themselves freely, respecting their individual rights.
  • Providing wages and working hours compliant with applicable legislation and the CCNL.


Respect for the environment is a solid commitment that is applied in accordance with applicable legislation and involves every aspect of the business model.
With this in mind, FILA confirms its pledge to:

  • assess and constantly monitor the environmental impact that could derive from its activities, preventing any kind of pollution or disturbance to the population;
  • respect applicable environmental legislation;
  • continuously improve environmental performance by adopting periodically developed objectives;
  • monitor and optimize the consumption of energy resources in order to minimize them;
  • raise the awareness of environmental issues with all employees through ongoing training and accountability;
  • protect the health and safety of employees in the workplace.


FILA’s quality objectives presented in ths Policy are to:

  • constantly improve the corporate organization;
  • measure and improve customer satisfaction by continuously guaranteeing assistance and information;
  • increase the quality standards of company processes by defining, managing and monitoring quality indicators  and indexes;
  • monitor the performance of its suppliers and evaluate collaborations with new suppliers to guarantee the standards of FILA’s Policy;
  • train and raise the employees’ awareness of the company’s goals and expectations.
  • invest in physical and economic resources for innovation;
  • digitize all data to ensure greater simplicity in controlling and monitoring company processes;
  • increase and improve the infrastructures in the operation of the company’s processes.

This Policy is revised during the annual review, drawn up by the board with the active support of the management and distributed to all company employees. Internal staff are responsible for ensuring that their activities are carried out in accordance this document, the Integrated Management System Manual, Company Procedures and any Operating Instructions.

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