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The FILA Research Centre

Experience gained through years of work, in-depth knowledge of materials, research in the lab and on site: these are just some of our strengths which lead to achieving excellence in the protection and care of all surfaces (marble, natural stone, porcelain tile, terracotta, glass and wood).

Every year we invest approximately 10% of our annual turnover in R&D aiming to create high-performance, eco-friendly solutions that are in line with market demands.


In our FILA Research Center, in collaboration with Italian and international research institutes, we analyze and study all materials, including those already on the market and those in the development phase.


Our R&D team develops about 20 new projects every year, a third of which are launched in the market. The remailing products are improvements to existing technologies or pure research for creating the basis for new solutions.

Thanks to modern instrumentation and technical know-how, in our Research Centre we:
  • Carry out analyses and studies of a vast range of materials; 
  • Select the best raw materials and suppliers;​​ 
  • Experiment new solutions and products every day;
  • Test new products, both in the lab and in the field. Our products are also tested and certified by the most important international institutes.
  • Perform 2,500 quality controls every year on 1,000 production batches. Fila is also UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 e ISO 14001:2015 certified.
  • Offer worldwide continuous technical assistance via e-mail, social networks, telephone and on-site inspections. In just one year, our Research Center team answers around 4000 e-mails and 5000 phone calls.


Fila products are certified by international institutes. Current product certifications include:

  • Food contact suitability;
  • Frost resistance;
  • Stain resistance measurement; 
  • Resistance to abrasion, pull-off, traction, UV aging, and skidding; 
  • Anti-mold products;
  • LEED certification according to the Green Building Rating System;

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