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We are the world leader in systems for the protection and maintenance of all surfaces. A family-owned company with a managerial structure and over 70 years of history – a large international group with sound values. 

In addition to our Headquarters, Production Center and Research Center in San Martino di Lupari (PD), we also have an Experimentation and Research Center established in 2014 in Fiorano Modenese, in the ceramic tile district of Sassuolo. Our strong commitment to an international market is supported by six overseas branches:

  • GERMANY - FILA Deutschland Vertriebs GmbH (1993)
  • SPAIN - FILA España Industria Química S.L. (1996)
  • USA - FILA USA Corp. (1998)
  • FRANCE - FILA France S.a.r.l. (2008)
  • UK - FILA Surface Care Products Ltd (2010)
  • UAE (Dubai) - FILA Middle East Branch Office (2012)

We approach each new day searching for the best answers to our customers’ needs, staying ahead of market trends by striving to offer the best surface care solutions.

We specialize in technical and business consulting, supplying systems for the treatment, protection and maintenance of all surfaces: marble, granite, natural stone, terracotta, wood, and ceramic, quarry and porcelain tile.

We provide building suppliers, showrooms, professional paint shops and hardware stores with a complete range of professional, high-performance products available from qualified dealers in more than 100 countries. Our business processes are certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards

Our product range spans from grouting sealers, cleaners and fillers, to solutions for surface maintenance and stain removal.

Our products are recommended by over 200 manufacturers in the ceramic tile and natural stone industry worldwide. 

Major international manufacturers indicate FILA in their maintenance manuals as the only company capable of providing comprehensive expertise ranging from the pre-treatment of industrial processes to high-performance protection systems for surfaces and post-installation maintenance programs.

An extensive network of professional installers (kept up-to-date in our FILA ACADEMY training programs), guarantees on-site assistance in every country in the world.

Our Technical Assistance and FILA Research Center provide qualified phone and email support for all technical issues.

Through our business partnerships we develop new solutions for the treatment of surfaces, working in synergy with the best qualified manufacturers worldwide. We are proud to make our Research Center available for technical analysis requirements in the management of architectural projects around the world.

Our strategic and commercial structure is organized into three divisions that operate simultaneously in all international markets:


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