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Treatments for Terracotta


Terracotta floors are often linked to countryside homes or rustic style interiors. However, the natural essence of terracotta floors can also be used in the design of all kinds of residential spaces. In fact, it is frequently the protagonist in kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms, which represent the warmth and heart of a home.

Terracotta has long been a standard building material for walls and floors. The clay base of this materially rich member of the ceramic family is responsible for its characteristic red/amber colour. Indeed, many forms of clay, used since ancient times, contain large amounts of iron oxides and enrich the colour during the firing phase. 

It is this unmistakable, aged colour and sturdiness that make terracotta a resistant and versatile material, often present in contemporary design and construction.

Additionally, the porous and absorbent nature of terracotta also results in its resistance to temperature changes and most chemicals.

FILA has come up with various solutions to treat terracotta surfaces:

  • Traditional protection with wax based products to revive and enhance the warm, deep tones of the material;
  • Fast and easy protection with water based products which are not affected by residual humidity, hence reducing installation time.

To find out more about the use and maintenance of terracotta walls and floors, click on the links below:

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