Matte Finish Protective Wax

what it's for

  • Maintains terracotta, quarry tile, tumbled marble and natural stone.
  • Provides the surface with a durable, low sheen, natural finish.
  • Ideal finishing coat over a water-based or solvent sealer.
  • Prevents dust from settling and staining terracotta and natural stone.
  • When FILAMATT is polished, it gives the surface a satin finish.


  • Easily removed.
  • Highly concentrated – can be diluted according to use.
  • Essentially self-leveling due to its consistency.

ideal for

  • Terracotta, Quarry Tile, Unpolished Natural Stone

How to use it

Instructions: Surface treatment:

Dilute FILAMATT by 1:30 adding 10 oz. of water to a gallon of wax.
Apply the diluted product with a clean cloth or lambswool applicator and let dry for about an hour.Apply a second coat perpendicular to the first.Do not walk on the floor for an hour after the second application.The product can be used undiluted to tone down the gloss of a previous surface treatment.

Please note

Wax application is not recommended on exterior surfaces, in wet environments and any place with standing water. FILAMATT can be removed with FILAPS87.


Terracotta ›
  • 323 sq.ft. (30 m2)Stone ›
  • 323-430 sq.ft. (30-40 m2)

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