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Natural stone


Natural stone is often used outdoors, where rust and sulphate stains are common. Let's look at how to remove rust stains from stone without damaging it.
FILA offers two solutions:
  • for small rust stains, use NO RUST Rust Remover. Its non acidic formula is particularly suited for delicate surfaces like polished marble. NO RUST’s gel-like consistency allows it to be applied directly on the stain, reducing the risk of contact with grass and plants around the affected area.
  • for larger stains, we recommend using DETERDEK Grout Haze Remover. DETERDEK can be used as a limescale remover to completely eliminate rust and sulphate residue from natural stone by combining a descaling and cleaning action. This product should not be used on any acid sensitive material such as marble, limestone or travertine.
Removing rust stains from stone with NO RUST and DETERDEK
Completely cover the stain with NO RUST and let sit for 15 minutes. The product will turn a deep purple as it reacts with the rust. After 15 minutes, remove the residue, rinse thoroughly with water, and let dry. 
Alternatively, for very large stains, use DETERDEK. Wet the surface with water, then use DETERDEK. Apply the solution to sections of a few square feet at a time. Let sit a few minutes, then rub vigorously with an abrasive pad or large brush. Remove the residue with a cloth or wet vac and rinse with plenty of water. Do not use on any acid sensitive material such as marble, limestone, or travertine

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