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What should you do if...?


Oily stains (oil, grease)

Terracotta, quarry tiles and brick

togliere-macchie-dal-cotto-FILANOSPOTRemoving stains from terracotta floors is not always an easy task – some stains penetrate deep into the material and normal cleaners cannot remove them completely. Different products must be used, depending on whether the stain is oily, colored or caused by chemical aggression. Let's see how to remove oil and grease no stains from terracotta floors.

If you remove the stain within a few hours, it is enough to absorb the oil with a paper towel and then wash the floor with PS87 Heavy Duty Cleaner to completely remove the stain.

If, on the other hand, you cannot clean the floor within a few hours and the stain sets, we recommend using NOSPOT Oil Stain Remover.

NOSPOT is a spray stain remover specifically designed for removing oil and grease stains from all absorbent surfaces, including terracotta, quarry tile, polished and unpolished marble, limestone, travertine and concrete. The product is highly effective on treated and untreated surfaces.

Removing stains from terracotta with NOSPOT

Spray the product directly on the stain from a 6-inch (15 cm) distance, keeping the can at a 45° angle. Let dry for a few minutes, until a white powder is formed. The product absorbs grease deposits and dries. Brush away the white powder residue and wipe with a wet cloth. If the surface is waxed, completely remove the wax from the surface.

Reapply the wax after removing the stain.

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