Anti-Contaminant Back Sealer

what it's for

  • Permanently protects tile surfaces from streaks or stains caused by efflorescence.
  • Prevents mineral deposits from rising through the substrate and sides to the material surface.
  • Specifically created for all natural stone, terracotta and absorbent materials.
  • Ideal for floor, stair and wall coverings.


  • Eco-friendly: water-based and VOC-free.
  • Apply to the back and sides of tiles and slabs in absorbent materials prior to installation.
  • Does not form a film and allows material breathability (moisture vapor escapes for proper drying and curing of setting materials).
  • Does not affect bonding, in accordance with UNI EN 1348-2009 standards.

ideal for

  • All Natural Stone, Terracotta And Absorbent Materials

How to use it

Ready to use, no dilution necessary. Instructions:

Thoroughly clean the back and sides of the tile or slab, removing dust and residue.
Apply FILAPW10 evenly to the back and sides of the material using a large, flat paintbrush or airless sprayer.Avoid pooling.Let dry for 24 hours before installing the floor or wall covering.

Please note

Do not apply FILAPW10 on polished surfaces.


1 Liter (1.06 QT)
  • › 107-161 sq.ft. (10-15 m2)

Container Size

100 litre drum

before and after

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