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Palazzo Venusio


Palazzo Venusio – a residence of historic importance in the centre of the city of stone, Matera. Set behind the cathedral, it covers a surface area of more than 2,700 m² on 6 floors: 4 above ground and 2 below. Once renovation work is completed, it will become a top-level hotel.
Master treatment specialists Carmelo and Massimiliano Mento from Ellemme Forniture in Messina, treated the different kinds of flooring: from seventeenth-century artisan terracotta in the noble rooms to the new terracotta laid in the bedrooms.
This 6-month job was complicated and multi-faceted due to the differences in the various materials and because of the client’s special requests. The Fila lab technicians were called on several times to work alongside the treatment specialists on analysis of the materials and to decide which systems and products were the most suitable. The old terracotta proved to be difficult to work on due to encrusted dirt that was hard to remove. Cardboard had been attached to the floor with rubberised tape and this had left marks on the stone. The new terracotta contained calcium sulphate and thenardite which continually reacted with the water: a risk for the continual generation of efflorescence. 

Products used:
FilaDek professional product for initial cleaning
Fila W68 stain protector for surfaces in terracotta 
FilaJet dirt-repellent protector 
FilaSatin satin-effect finishing wax 
FilaSprint colour-enhancing protector