Reggia di Venaria Reale


Venaria Reale is a hunting lodge, one of the most important Sabaudian residences in Piedmont, a masterpiece of architecture and landscape, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997. This extraordinary through traffic of visitors has, however, worn the indoor surfaces: the work carried out by our Master Treatment Specialists Edy and Vittorio Bergantin, thanks to skilful use of FILA products, breathed new life into the ancient parquet floors in the “Sala delle Arti” (1,500 m²), the hand-made terracotta floors in the “Salone di Diana” and in the “Castelvecchio” (3,000 m²) and those in crushed-tile cocciopesto of the Valletti a Piedi room called the “Sala dei Fagioli” (800 m²). The varnish on the parquet in particular had been worn by visitors’ feet and was so badly damaged that sanding was the only solution so far proposed. However, our Treatment Specialists came up with an alternative based on the use of natural, reversible materials. First they degreased the surface with FilaSOLV wax removing detergent, then they applied several coats of  the coloured waxes FilaPRO130, FilaPARQUET NATURE and FilaNATURWAX, restoring the original sheen and colour to the floor. This procedure was particularly popular with the Superintendent’s office for Cultural Heritage, which gave its seal of approval by inserting this solution as a rule in the internal extraordinary maintenance regulation.