Grout Release Water Based

what it's for

  • Protects the surface against grout, construction dirt, and mortar stains.
  • Makes grout cleanup easy.
  • Reduces grout drying time.
  • Forms an invisible, protective barrier resistant to moisture and stains while allowing water vapor to escape.
  • Ideal for absorbent materials: natural and reconstructed stone, terracotta and quarry tile.


  • Eco-friendly: water-based.
  • Does not alter the material’s natural color and finish.
  • Facilitates the post construction clean so the appropriate sealer may be applied without difficulty.
  • VOC free: contributes towards LEED credits.
  • VOC free: contributes towards LEED credits.

ideal for

  • All Absorbent Natural Stone, Quarry Tile, And Terracotta


  • Certified GEV-EMICODE®

    This product has extremely low VOC emissions: certified GEV-EMICODE® - EC1Plus

  • LEED credits

    This product has extremely low VOC emissions and contributes towards LEED credits.

How to use it

Ready to use, no dilution necessary. Instructions:

Apply an even coat of FILAPRW200 with a paintbrush or lambswool applicator.
Avoid surface pooling.Make sure the product covers the edges of the material.The surface may be grouted 4 hours after the product application.After the grout is cured, clean the surface and apply a protective sealer.Do not use FILAPRW200 on ceramic tile, polished porcelain or non porous materials.

Please note

Before full application, test FILAPRW200 on a small, inconspicuous area of the surface or loose sample to check for any changes in color. Do not apply the product outdoors if rain is in the forecast.


1 QT (0.95 L)
  • Natural stone ›108-215 sq.ft. (10-20 m2)
  • Terracotta ›75-108 sq.ft. (7-10 m2)

Container Size

1 quart flask, 5 pieces per carton

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