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Cha Bio Complex, Corea del Sud

Korea (Republic of)

  • Short description: FILA carried out a treatment to restore and clean the surfaces in serpentine marble and limestone, and then protected these from external stains and attack to preserve their natural elegance.
  • Period of intervention: 2017
  • Materials: Natural stones and Agglomerates

The experience of FILA has also arrived in South Korea. Professionals from FILA were brought in to restore the beauty of the serpentine marble gracing the floors of the swimming pool at the Cha Bio Complex, a multifunctional research complex in Pangyo, Gyeonggi-Do. The complex was designed as a place of dialogue and cooperation between universities, research laboratories, biotechnology companies and the medical group CHA Health System, which has operated in the country since 1960. The research centre houses a number of university research laboratories, offices and clinics, as well as a wellness centre and a multimedia room for conferences and cultural events. It is a scientific research and development centre that also looks after the well-being of the people who use it.

FILA carried out a treatment to restore and clean the surfaces in serpentine marble and limestone, and then protected these from external stains and attack to preserve their natural elegance. The treatment began with a more delicate cleaning process using FILACLEANER, a neutral concentrated detergent suited to all types of surfaces but particularly ideal for those with a smooth, polished finish. Then FILAPS87 was used, a degreasing and wax-removing detergent. In diluted form it cleans and degreases very dirty floors in porcelain stoneware, ceramic, natural stone, terracotta and concrete. It is excellent for the basic washing of non acid-resistant stone. Its main characteristics are that it cleans thoroughly, respects materials and is extremely easy to use. 
To conclude the treatment and ensure long-lasting protection, the FILA professionals used FILAW68. This is a water-based anti-stain product that impregnates and protects absorbent materials against greasy dirt. It dramatically reduces the material's absorbency without changing its aesthetic appearance or creating an unsightly surface film. It is an environmentally friendly treatment with very low VOC emissions, certified by GEV and marked EC1 Plus. It contributes to the achievement of LEED credits, a requisite that is increasingly demanded within the construction sector. 

In South Korea too the long experience of FILA ensures high quality products and complete, professional technical assistance.