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  • Short description: Restoration of polished porcelain floors. Cleaning with FILACLEANER and FILAPS87, stain-proofing treatment with glossy effect with FILASTONE PLUS.
  • Period of intervention: 2018
  • Materials: Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles

The Mondrian Hotel, formally opened in 2017, has become the byword for luxury accommodation in the West Bay Lagoon, the enchanting locality north of Doha.
Comprising 270 rooms and suites, it hosts the largest ESPA spa in the world: extending over 2,000 sq m with separate spas for men and women, eleven treatment rooms, a spa within the spa, Hammam areas and a panoramic swimming pool.

The oriental charm of this hotel is even retained in the distinctive features suggested by its highly original shape: the entrance has been shaped like a hawk's beak, wing-like extensions act as a framework for the roof and the below-ground areas seem to have been dug out like a nest.
The interior was designed by Dutch architect Marcel Wanders, and even the décor conveys clear references to hawks in the form of highly original and instantly comprehensible paintings, portraits and ornaments.

Mondrian Doha is also a culinary emporium with seven restaurants, including  CUT by Wolfgang Puck, Morimoto, Magnolia Bakery and a series of “first-to-market” concepts like Walima, a restaurant inspired by the wonders of Qatar.

Splendid floors in polished porcelain stoneware create an intricate pattern of inlays and embroidery, playing on a contrast between white, grey and black: from the 120 sq m ballroom to the spa, FILA was brought in to restore the original beauty of the surfaces, which had become stained over the years by residues of epoxy filler, dirt and stains of various kinds.

“The Mondrian Hotel is a perfect example of synergy between FILA’s technical consultancy and the main players in the global architectural sector” says Dr Perazzini, manager of the FILA BU Project. “With a business unit dedicated to large-scale projects, FILA is able to provide total support on all aspects including materials consultancy, the development of bespoke products for specific surfaces, and protocols for subsequent post-installation maintenance.” 

With its professional-use formula FILACLEANER was used inside the cleaning machine, followed by the FILAPS87 professional degreasing detergent to remove any opaque films created by layers of accumulated dirt.

The treatment was then finalised with FILASTONE PLUS to enable a light toning effect, further enhancing the beauty of the contrast between inlays.

In areas in which the floor features a spectacular covering in pure white, polished porcelain stoneware, FILASTONE PLUS also made it possible to meet the Client’s request to increase the floor’s “gloss effect”.