Palazzina di Caccia hunting lodge in Stupinigi


With their restoration work on the floors in the Palazzina di Caccia hunting lodge in Stupinigi in the province of Turin, master treatment specialists Edy and Vittorio Bergantin won second prize in the “Trattati da Re" (Given the Royal Treatment) National Competition 2008-2009.
The Palazzina di Caccia in Stupinigi, with architecture by Filippo Juvarra, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was the favourite residence of the Savoy family for parties and weddings and since 1919 has housed a museum with furniture, paintings and high quality articles from the original furnishings of the building itself and other royal homes.
The work entailed treatment of 2,500 m² of hand-made terracotta from the “Fornace Ballatore”, specialists in the production of typical Piedmont terracotta, used for renovation of castles and historic buildings.
The old terracotta in the main hall was also restored to its original splendour, around 500 m²  of flooring designed by Juvarra and completed in 1730.

Products used

For the hand-made terracotta 
FilaCleaner for washing
FilaClassic wax for the penetrating base
Fila Naturwax protective paste wax
FilaMatt matt-effect finishing wax

For the old terracotta
FilaMax solvent-based detergent
FilaDrastic alkaline detergent
FilaCleaner for washing
FilaClassic wax for the penetrating base
Fila Naturwax protective paste wax
FilaSatin satin-effect finishing wax
Terracolor colorant additive