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Voci di capitolato dei sistemi di trattamento FILA

Specifications for FILA treatment systems

The advantage of collaborating with FILA is to have at your a partner with almost eighty years of experience in the construction world: we know the needs of professionals in the construction sector and establish the content of the necessary processes in advance. one of the key steps of a project. 

Click on the link below to access the FILA reserved area and download the specifications.

Access the FILA reserved area

Each item contains the details of the products, the methods of realization and the phases that lead to the completion of FILA solutions for the treatment of surfaces through a list of technical descriptions on materials, processes and performances.

On this page you can find the specifications of the main FILA systems complete with technical description.

Through an advanced research, our proposal allows you to screen every specific element of the process: from ordinary maintenance to protection, passing through extraordinary cleaning and our hydro-oil-repellent systems. Through a study of the materials, the FILA Technical Department allows you to choose the product that best suits your needs.

Go to the products section to download the complete technical data sheet.

Download Fila specifications

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