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what's it for

  • Stain protector and anti-dirt product with wet effect for unpolished natural stone surfaces, unpolished agglomerates and terracotta.
  • Prevents the absorption of stains and facilitates dirt removal.
  • It is particularly suited for exterior use and also effective for interiors.
  • Prevents surfaces from flaking.


  • Ecological treatment: water-based
  • High resistance to intense traffic.
  • Resistant to weathering.
  • Does not peel nor yellow.
  • Facilitates subsequent maintenance.
  • Does not alter the frost resistance of terracotta (UNI EN ISO 10545-12).
  • This product has extremely low VOC emissions: certified by GEV and EC1Plus-marked, it helps to obtain LEED credits.
  • An A+ certified product in accordance with the French VOC regulation.
  • Product conforming to:
  • - French CMR components

ideal for

  • Unpolished Natural Stones
  • Agglomerates
  • Terracotta
  • Tuff


  • Certified GEV-EMICODE®

    This product has extremely low VOC emissions: certified GEV-EMICODE® - EC1Plus

  • LEED credits

    This product has extremely low VOC emissions and contributes towards LEED credits.

  • Terracotta frost resistance

    The product does not alter terracotta frost resistance.

before and after

Method of use

No dilution required: ready to use.

Shake before use. Apply WET ECO evenly and continuously to a clean and dry surface using a flat paintbrush or fleece pad, wetting the grout lines as well. Apply a second coat of the product 2-3 hours later following the same method. Wait at least 12 hours before walking on the surface.Maintenance:diluted solution of CLEANER PRO.

Please note

For surfaces with low absorbency (slate, Botticino or Carrara marble) we recommend diluting the product with water (1 litre of product to 1 litre of water). Do not use on polished surfaces. Do not apply the product externally if rain is forecast. The product cannot be applied to supports with problems connected with rising damp. If the product has been applied incorrectly or if thorough cleaning is required, remove WET ECO using NOPAINT STAR.


With one litre:
  • Unpolished stones and agglomerates10/20 m²
  • Terracotta7/20 m²


5-litre cans in boxes of 4

1 litre cans in boxes of 12

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