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Instant cleaner for fresh epoxy grout



Instant cleaner for fresh epoxy grout

what's it for

  • Elimina i residui di stucco epossidico
  • Perfect for cleaning grout floats and application tools
  • Prevents the dull smears or streaks caused by failure to remove grout residue


  • Contains biodegradable ingredients
  • RAPID DRY TECHNOLOGY: fast-acting, to be used during the laying process
  • Consistenza viscosa, ideale per la pulizia a parete
  • Does not damage materials or grout
  • Safe for the installer and the environment
  • High coverage
  • Does not damage aluminium or steel trims
  • Non fa schiuma
  • For indoor and outdoor use, on walls and floors

ideal for


Method of use

No dilution required: ready to use.

seguendo le indicazioni del produttore, asportare lo stucco in eccesso emulsionando con pad bianco tipo ScotchBrite®.Procedere con la pulizia della superficie con spugna tipo cellulosa imbevuta d’acqua e strizzata.Eliminare tutti i residui con il lavaggio di finitura finale:spruzzare EPOXY PRO in modo omogeneo.Lasciare agire 2-3 minuti.Passare nuovamente la spugna in cellulosa senza esercitare eccessiva pressione.Risciacquare frequentemente con acqua per mantenere la spugna pulita e per rimuovere ogni residuo dalla superficie.Se il lavaggio di finitura viene eseguito dopo alcune ore dalla stuccatura, lasciare agire il prodotto per circa 20 minuti.Per la pedonabilità e/o la messa in esercizio, riferirsi alle istruzioni del produttore dello stucco.La pulizia con EPOXY PRO può essere effettuata fino a un massimo di 24 ore dalla stuccatura.In caso non sia stata eseguita la pulitura entro i tempi stabiliti, si consiglia di intervenire con CR10 pulitore per residui epossidici stagionati.

Please note

Always test on a small area of the surface to check the material’s resistance and find out optimum waiting times for best results. Non usare su materiali assorbenti. Non usare su legno. Non usare su superfici in metacrilato. Non gocciolare su aree non ancora stuccate. Su superfici metalliche verificare preventivamente la loro resistenza al prodotto.


indicative for 750 ml bottle
  • Large format tileup to 350 linear metres
  • MosaicUp to 15 m²
  • Coverage rates are indicative.


750 ml bottles with spray nozzle (trigger): 12-piece cartons

About us

Excellent product! It just took one spray to get rid of a patch of mould on the wall, without leaving a trace. The bathroom’s as good as new. Highly recommended!
Lucia Vitali
Easy to apply, excellent self-polishing power and good end results. I’ve still got to test how it lasts over time.
Sandro Giuliani
Excellent, like all Fila products. It removes algae even without rinsing or wiping with a cloth.
Recommended by a tiler who’s a friend of mine. I wouldn’t swap it for any other product, even if it seems expensive at first glance (you really need very little, so it lasts a very long time). It doesn’t leave smears and above all it isn’t sticky like other floor cleaners. I’ve used it for a long time and I recommend it. The other Fila products are unique as well!
Fila products always live up to expectations. I used it on an unpolished Serizzo marble surface that had absorbed months and months of dirt.
Fila products are always very high quality.
You can always be sure with FILA products

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