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Dull surfaces

Terracotta, quarry tiles and brick

togliere-la-cera-dal-cottoHas your terracotta floor lost its original shine?

It's time for special maintenance! First of all, you must know whether your floor is treated, and if it is, with what kind of wax: liquid or solid? If the floor has been waxed, you must first wash it with a wax and grease remover.


Wax removing wash for terracotta floors

If your floor has been treated with solid wax, the right product is SOLV*, a wax removing solvent specially formulated to remove traditional solvent-based waxes from terracotta, marble and wood floors. It is also good for evening out floors which, due to incorrect or excessive application of solid wax, are dull or striated. 

If, on the other hand, the floor has been treated with liquid wax, you should use PS87 PRO, a stain remover and degreaser for terracotta, porcelain tiles, marble, unpolished stone and concrete.

Once you have taken the old wax off the floor, you can now restore the protective treatment with wax. Once again, you can choose whether to use a solid or liquid wax.

Restoring a terracotta floor with NATURWAX* solid wax

Apply a light coat of NATURWAX followed by a coat or maintenance wax, and finish by polishing the floor. 


Restoring a dull terracotta floor with liquid wax treatment

Restore the finish with a liquid wax - CLASSIC*, MATT*, SATIN*, LONGLIFE*, depending on the desired effect.


*check product availability in your market​

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