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what's it for

  • Efflorescence blocking sealant to be applied on the back of tiles and absorbent paving slabs.
  • The product stops contaminants rising up from the substrate to the material surface (salts, tannin, oxides etc.), preventing the formation of streaks and/or stains.
  • Protective layer to be applied before laying to prevent rising damp.
  • Specific product for natural stones, granite, marble, agglomerates, terracotta and absorbent materials.
  • It has water-repellent and consolidating properties.


  • The product stops contaminants rising up from the substrate and prevents the formation of stains and streaks on the surface.
  • It does not form a surface film and allows treated materials to breathe.
  • In accordance with the UNI EN 1348-2009 and ASTM C482-02 R-2009 standards, it does not essentially alter the adhesion properties of the glue.
  • Water-based product - VOC free.
  • Permanent protection.
  • Ideal for floors and all surfaces.
  • When applied to natural stone, concrete and other absorbent materials after laying, it prevents the blackening of the material caused by smog, pollution, carbonatation and sulphation processes and biodeterioration.

ideal for

  • Back Of Natural Stone Surfaces
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Agglomerates
  • Terracotta And Absorbent Materials

before and after

video tutorial

Method of use

No dilution required: ready to use.

PRE-LAYING TREATMENT: PROTECTION ON 5 SIDES: to block contaminating agents (stains, yellow stains, binder application errors) on the back and on the 4 sides of the material.Carefully clean the back of the tile or slab, removing any dust and residues. Check that the surface is dry and free from damp. Ensure that the surface is dry, then apply the product evenly and continuously on the back and sides of the material using a flat brush or airless pump, while trying to avoid pooling.Bond the material when completely dry, wait approximately 12 hours (temperatures between 20 °C and 40 °C) to 24 hours (temperatures between 10°C and 20°C) before bonding the material. Choose the adhesive suited to the type of installation, according to the UNI EN 12004:2012-2 standard.Store the material so that it can dry fully. After the initial wash, the surface treatment can be completed with the water-based or solvent-based protector most suited to the material’s intended use.PROTECTION ON 6 SIDES: in the presence of high humidity, it can be used to block contaminating agents (oxidation, stains, yellow stains, binder application errors) on the back and 4 sides of the material and to create a water-repellent effect on the front.Carefully clean both sides of the tile or slab, removing any dust and residues. Check that the surface is dry and free from damp. Apply one coat of PW10 using an airless spray pump or flat brush, spreading the solution evenly on all sides of the material and avoiding any surface pooling.The product can also be applied by immersing the material in it for roughly 30 seconds. Product residues must be removed by dabbing the material with a cloth, to avoid pooling of the product on the surface.

Please note

In case of glossy surfaces, pay special attention to the application method so as to avoid percolating the product on the front and staining the surface. Do not apply the product on the front of polished slopes. It is advisable to verify with the manufacturer the suitable binder for the material’s intended use.


  • 10/15 m2


5-litre cans in boxes of 4

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