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Natural stone

marmo-carrara-con-ruggineNatural stone is often used outdoors. In these conditions, rust and sulphate stains are common. Let's look at how to remove rust stains from stone without damaging it.

FILA offers two solutions:
•    for small rust stains, use NO RUST* which, with its non-acidic formulation, is particularly suited to delicate surfaces like polished marble. Its gel-like consistency means that it acts directly on the stain without wastage, and reduces the risk of contact with grass and plants in the vicinity of the affected area.
•    for more extended areas, we recommend using DETERDEK PRO, a special descaler which can completely remove rust and sulphate residue from natural stone by combining a descaling action with a cleaning action due to the inclusion of surfactants. This product should not be used on marble or finely polished chalky stone.


Removing rust stains from stone with NO RUST and DETERDEK PRO

Completely cover the stain with NO RUST. Leave it for 15 minutes, then remove the residue and rinse thoroughly. Alternatively (and for very extended stains) use DETERDEK PRO. Wet the area with water, then use DETERDEK PRO and scrub the stain with a green abrasive pad. Rinse thoroughly when finished. Do not use this product on marble or finely polished chalky stone.


*check product availability in your market​

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