Paint and graffiti

Concrete and plaster


Removing graffiti from walls (graffiti, spray paint, felt tip pens)

Drawing graffiti on walls has become a favourite pastime for certain groups of youngsters. While some drawings and paintings may be genuine works of art, other are no more than scrawls which simply soil the walls and are an irritant for the occupants and owners of a building. If you have graffiti on your outer concrete or plaster walls, we recommend cleaning with FILANOPAINT STAR gel wall cleaner

FILANOPAINT STAR is a highly effective and quick acting water based paint remover which is easy to use thanks to its viscous formulation. It removes scrawls from treated and untreated walls in a few minutes and is especially suited to rough and porous surfaces (concrete walls, exposed brick, natural stone, and so on). 
Removing graffiti with FILANOPAINT STAR
To remove graffiti, apply FILANOPAINT STAR undiluted directly to the wall and leave it to act for at least 5 minutes, then rub it over with a sponge or cloth and rinse it off. You can also use FILAPS87 diluted 1:5 in the same way. 

FILANOPAINT STAR also cleans outer walls of smog and dust stains.