Paint and graffiti

Natural stone



To remove graffiti and spray paint from marble and natural stone walls, we recommend using FILANOPAINT STAR.

FILANOPAINT STAR is a water based paint removing gel which is easy to apply even to vertical surfaces. It cleans and degreases outer walls thoroughly, and even cleans off damage due to smog and dust.

Removing graffiti and paint with FILANOPAINT STAR

It is easy to remove scrawls, paint and graffiti with FILANOPAINT STAR because the product is supplied ready to use. Apply FILANOPAINT STAR undiluted directly to the surface and leave it to act for at least 5 minutes. Then rub over with a sponge or cloth and rinse thoroughly.

Alternatively, use FILAPS87 degreaser diluted 1:5 in the same way.
You can then restore or finish the stain protection treatment with the product most suited to the material in question.

Protecting a marble wall from graffiti

To protect marble or polished natural stone walls against graffiti, we recommend applying a coat of FILAMP90 stain protector. FILAMP90 is a graffiti protection treatment for vertical surfaces in polished stone which prevents the paint penetrating into the material, thus making it quick and easy to clean off, while maintaining the original beauty of the stone